My Hunt Group

Since December 2012

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My Hunt Group brings you the best virtual hunts on the Metaverse! The fastest growing grid, InWorldz is host to My Hunt Group. Since we have been located at this virtual world, we have identified very talented creators who have graciously agreed to sponsor hunts for you!  What this means is not only can you explore a beautiful virtual world, meet awesome people from all over the world but you can hunt for gifts to get you started at InWorldz.

If you are new to the virtual worlds we recommend you click on the InWorldz logo located below and it will direct you to the InWorldz website where you can become a member. It is FREE to join! Once you are there,  you can easily teleport to the My Hunt Group sim by clicking on our logo anywhere on this webpage and your avatar will be transported to our location.

Once you find our sim and enter the My Hunt Group building there is a sign to click and join our group. Become a My Hunt Group member and we will keep you updated about monthly hunts, live entertainment and events. Now no excuses, just grab your friends or explore alone but whatever you do it's time "get your hunt on!"



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